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Confusing Bears - UPDATE July 10, 2021

Spanky with tick on eyeSpanky with tick on eyeSpanky stopped by trying to look like One-eyed Jack, but he made us look twice at the new one-eyed bear for only an instant. It’s an engorged tick on his eye lid.

Maybe RustyMaybe RustyThen a brown-colored bear ran through, being chased away by Spanky. The bear didn’t look enough like Rusty to accurately identify him as Rusty. We couldn’t see if he had a chest patch or not to separate him from another brown one, so I’m calling him “maybe Rusty.” From all the bright brown and very dark brown cubs we are seeing, we think the two brown males are popular. But this brown one is fixing to confuse us even more. He is shedding his brown fur, starting at the front. His head, ears, and a bit of his neck have already turned black. The rest of his long winter fur will be gone soon.Brown cubBrown cub

Up in a white pine sat a brown cub with no mother or littermate around to help us with identification, and he didn’t show us his chest blaze to let us know which brown cub he is.

Sometimes, they can be confusing.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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