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Weather, Bears, and Birds - UPDATE July 16, 2020

It was a day of variety. Hard rain left the white pine needles glistening. Then the sky turned blue, and the sun reflected off the backs of hummingbirds.Rusty losing his rustRusty losing his rust

Then Rusty came and showed us that he is losing his namesake fur. His new fur is dark enough that he could look black in low light.

Last evening, 9-year-old Oliana (Daughter of Braveheart) stopped by. I haven’t seen her in years but she was immediately the gentle bear I knew well as a yearling. Oliana is the daughter I hoped would show me more about mother/daughter relations back in 2012 after family break-up. When she disappeared for a month or so, I mistakenly put her collar on a lookalike captive-raised bear that apparently was released into the study area for some reason. We soon realized the mistake when sweet Oliana appeared. That’s when we named the lookalike Noliana.

Ruby-throated hummingbirdRuby-throated hummingbird GullHerring Gull


Pine needles after the rainPine needles after the rain 9yo Oliana9 year old Oliana


The Black Bear Field Courses are going to be fun and interesting—and small. One course has 6 participants at this time. Three had four, and two have three. Two were cancelled as 50 people had to drop out. A problem for many was that they could not get flights from England, Spain, Australia, and now Brazil. Because of the drought and the resulting lack of juneberries, we are seeing more bears than ever. Will be interesting. Spaces are open.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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