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Spring is Back – UPDATE April 20, 2012

Dot perched on rock in morning light - April 20, 2012Dot perched on rock in morning light - April 20, 2012Snow is down to just patches.  The weather is beautiful.  The much-needed moisture from snow and rain this past week should help ensure a lush green-up.  Jewel and Cookie are in their same areas, but Juliet and her cubs and Dot and her cubs have moved.  Juliet moved from the swamp she’d been in for nearly a week to an upland area with her cubs.  Dot made some rather erratic movements—perhaps attempting to cross a river—before traveling in the opposite direction and settling in for the night.  The mothers with yearlings are moving more, of course.  Lily and June have gone in opposite directions and are now 1.4 miles apart.

Juliet's cub clings to white pine - April 20, 2012Juliet's cub clings to white pine - April 20, 2012As National Volunteer Recognition Week winds down, we’re thinking about the nearly 250 of you who are currently volunteers.  Having only 3 full-time staff and less than a dozen part-time employees, you can see how important the volunteers are in our small organization.  The volunteers are what make it possible to think big about Education Outreach.  What began as a grass roots volunteer effort is growing into organized volunteerism due to the number of people involved.  We're excited to see many of you sending in applications to become part of this rather unique operation.  As new volunteer positions come up, we will scan the database for good fits—whether it’s for participation on a regular schedule or for periodic projects. 

Juliet and cub on huge white pine - April 20, 2012Juliet and cub on huge white pine - April 20, 2012

Who would have imagined that so many would come together to better understand bears?   We’re learning and sharing together.  The NABC website has updated volunteer information: The volunteer application form is found at:

Thank you for all you do.

Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield, Biologists, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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