Looking for closure

Faith with_antler_-_20110925We’re looking for closure in 2 ways. 

First, we need information from the DNR.  We emailed them the location of the bait site that Lily and family visited repeatedly, as indicated by her GPS locations and the known location of the bait.  If Hope was killed by a hunter as we believe, we hope they will provide us with as much registration information as possible and the circumstances surrounding her death.  We will not give out the hunter’s name.  We did many interviews today and did not mention it.  We’ll pass on any other registration information we get to you. 

Lily and_Faith_-_20110925
Lily -_20110925Second, we need to spend time with Lily and Faith, digest the loss, and think forward.  We couldn’t bring ourselves to do that yesterday—just not ready—but we did today and got some super video.  Lily appeared to be doing some cursory den investigation.  She and Faith tore apart a log and located a few grubs.  Faith found a old well-chewed white-tail deer antler and had a good chew.  We followed them to a cedar swamp on the edge of a lake where they both ‘bathed’ in a wallow.  Lily and Faith continue to teach.  Today was a beautiful day with a surge of fall color.  A great day to be in the woods walking with bears.

We will make several videos from today’s footage.  We’ll do our best to get one up tonight at http://www.youtube.com/user/bearstudy#g/u.

Colors Jasper_Peak_9-25-11Color 9-25-11On Monday, teachers will be talking to their students about Hope.  Two teachers called in tears today as they organized their thoughts.  We are so thankful for all of you, and we thank you for all the encouragement you have given us.  Much appreciated.

We also thank the four mods who resigned in the last couple days for their dedication over the past 18 months.  These are the mods who perhaps put in the most time and who you know the best.   We owe them more than we can say.  We also thank the remaining mods who stepped up and are putting in extra hours in this time of great change. 

Thank you for all you do.

—Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield, Biologists, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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