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Progress for Ted - UPDATE October 9, 2015

Big TedThe red maple with yellow leaves out the window looked better with more sun today. HollyAt the Bear Center, staff and volunteers set up Ted’s chalet den and put the finishing touches on the do...  Read More

A Somber Weather Day - UPDATE October 8, 2015

Deer family grazingThis cloudy, rainy day was so somber that even the yellow leaves of this maple couldn’t brighten it. Deer family runningTo brighten the day, Lily and cubs, Ember, and Fern were spo...  Read More

Beautiful Day - UPDATE October 7, 2015

Misty sunriseThe day started with a misty sunrise over the lake. Continued with nice sun on colorful leaves, as I finished up the PowerPoint Presentation I’ll be making at The Wildlife Society meeting...  Read More

  • Progress for Ted - UPDATE October 9, 2015

    Friday, 09 October 2015 19:12
  • A Somber Weather Day - UPDATE October 8, 2015

    Thursday, 08 October 2015 19:18
  • Beautiful Day - UPDATE October 7, 2015

    Wednesday, 07 October 2015 19:46

Watch sneak previews of 'Bearwalker of the Northwoods' from the BBC.

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Wildlife Research Institute Staff

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    As WRI's principal biologist, Lynn Rogers, Ph.D., has spent over 42 years learning about wildlife and sharing his information with the public. Using airplanes, vehicles, and snowshoes, he has radio-tracked over 100 bears in the vast forests of northeastern Minnesota, studying some for as long as 22 years. - Read More -

  • sue_with_bear_tree_sw.jpgSue Mansfield began studying black bears in her home state of New Hampshire in 1999. Her initial studies involved documenting bear sign, including bear trails, marking sign, and feeding sign. She developed a collection of seeds from berries to identify items found in bear scat while studying the diet of bears. Sue placed trail monitors along bear trails to determine usage and aimed trail cameras at marking trees along bear trails to document behaviors. - Read More -

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